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Web Accessibility

Vendor Partnerships

Region 10 has formed partnerships with some amazing vendors to help our LEAs and Texas ESCs receive great prices for incredibly helpful accessibility products including Grackle, Monsido, and Equidox.

For information on pricing or a demo, email Denise Barker at


Grackle Logo

Grackle - Make Documents from Google Workspace Accessible.


Monsido Logo

Monsido - Monitoring and automation tools for a flawless website UX across Web Accessibility, Content Quality Assurance, Data Privacy, Performance and more.


Equidox logo

Equidox - A self-service solution that uses smart detection tools to easily convert inaccessible PDFs into WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant HTML, accessible PDF, and EPUB 2 content.

Demos of Vendors Below:

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